Any cause, anywhere in the world, any funding plan...

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We can get you more! We support your brand and cause without increasing costs or efforts. We give you viral fundraising driven by common commerce, rewarded by personal benefit to the donor and incentivised to spread virally so you can focus on your cause while grow your supporter base out of our own pocket, and contribute to your organization for every new supporter we bring you.

We're working with some of the biggest organizations

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And we want to work with you as well. Our proven system brings the same power to organizations big and small. Our program naturally grows with you, proving capable of meeting the full funding needs of any organization, regardless of size, cause or needs. Schedule your organizations pivotal consultation today to discover how charitable work really can be done.

The Power of making every transaction, a donation

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And benefiting the consumer, the merchant, and the cause is the key to auto cash flow for good! You didn't get into your cause to spend all your time raising money. In as little as one year, your fundraising could be on complete auto pilot! No more paying up front for events with unpredictable returns. No more taking time away from your cause, just to raise money to make your cause possible. Do what you do best, we deliver the rest.

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